August 19th is World Humanitarian Day 2020. First established by the United Nations General Assembly in 2008, World Humanitarian Day shines a light on the incredible work that people do to help others in despair – sometimes risking their own lives to do so. 

This year, the challenges facing humanitarians are unprecedented. Millions of people across the globe are more vulnerable than ever before. COVID-19 has triggered a crisis in humanitarian need. Individuals and communities already lacking adequate food, shelter and health care have seen their plight compounded.

Those who work within their own communities, or in a wider capacity, do an extraordinary job. Often, humanitarian first responders are in need of assistance themselves, but still bring hope and help to people who have been displaced by conflict and those trying to survive in catastrophic circumstances around the world.

The dedication, perseverance and self-sacrifice of these real-life heroes represent the best of humanity. – World Health Organization

With our whole hearts, we support aid workers, health workers and all humanitarians who step up and give so much to help others. All of us here at Bighorn Law advocate for their safety and stand in solidarity with them.